Mortgage Discharge Applications

The following are quick links to the websites of the more common lending institutions for information about how to apply for the discharge of your bank loan or mortgage.

The links were correct as at 24/5/2023.  Please note that some links are to application for discharge forms, while others are simply to instructions on how to organise your loan or mortgage discharge, as some institutions do not offer online discharge application forms.

If you need to have a mortgage or loan discharged we advise you to lodge your application for discharge as soon as possible to reduce the risk of delays for your property transfer or other conveyancing matter.

Where your financial institution is not listed you will need to contact them directly.

Conveyancing on the Fleurieu makes every effort to ensure the above links are correct at the time of uploading to the website (24/5/2023), we cannot guarantee the authenticity of accuracy of the links after they have been downloaded.  We advise you not to share information with anyone online unless you are certain your connection is secure and the site you are visiting is authentic.  Where PDF links are provided, we recommend you download the form and submit manually.

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